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TETRASOFT is staffed by the best individuals in the business. Our consultants use their knowledge and intuition to get the best results. Regular skills development program keep our staff at the top of their game. The TETRASOFT management team has skills which span into strategy.

Human Capital is the most prized asset of TETRASOFT. It takes utmost care to keep its human resources satisfied and motivated. The performance and resulting productivity is an indicator of the satisfaction level of its employees. Our ever-growing talent pool of professionals is less about hierarchies and more about contagious passion, energy and loyalty. Free exchange of ideas and innovative thinking noiselessly impact everything from routine office work to client communications, marketing buzz, product development, services distribution and strategic planning. Easy accessibility to the top line management including the CEO is another outstanding practice at TETRASOFT.

The importance of work-life balance is well-regarded at all levels. A harmonious and productive work atmosphere ensures growth, innovation and fun at workplace. Discount programs covering entertainment and food items are offered regularly to employees. Sporting events, referral rewards, creative brainstorming sessions, and management lectures from in-house and visiting experts- all stimulate the productivity and team spirit of the workforce.